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Viivika Houston

Viivika grew up in the countryside of North Estonia, in a little village surrounded by fields and forests,
sunshine and flowers. It was a wild childhood with two incredible sisters and almost no parental supervision whatsoever. There was an abundance of fun, adventure and freedom. It is hard to imagine a happier childhood.   

She believes her love for black & white photography originates from her childhood. Back in those days, when there was nothing to do, Viivika often found herself going through the old pictures in her family’s photo albums.   

These days she is a dedicated mother and a massive home lover. Most of Viivika’s photography has been created in her free time out of pleasure and it is her family and friends who have encouraged her to publish the pictures. In addition, her Instagram gallery quickly gathered attention, amazing feedback and an engaged following.  

Viivika is always looking for that something special in a photo, something emotionally touching. She loves nature backgrounds, natural light and having a wonderful muse. Mostly her pictures are portraits. For her, capturing the essence and soul of
someone is what makes taking pictures interesting, challenging and worthwhile. And she loves it when it all comes together, the magic!